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This morning, I was mostly awoken as I was face down (ass not really up, though), only 5% certain that I heard the word "mail". Flung wide were the covers, and up was I sprung, for today could be the day of the arrival of that missing piece which would revive my aged laptop. Alas, it was. Oh Happy (Fri)day! It was a day of merriment, finally to be graduating from:

("There must be more than this provincial liiiiiife")


("There must be more than this provincial liiiiiife")

A few hours later, however, when I go to open the package, I see that, in place of the circular metal harness, there's an exposed congregation of cords basking in the package's vacuum compartment. Trying not to blow my neuronal fuses, I disassemble my laptop (save one screw, which seems to be inaccessible without simply ripping the laptop asunder) and put in what is supposed to be the key to my regaining access to my comatosed clinically-dead laptop. (Since it is not the only way in which the piece connects with the computer/motherboard, then I figured that I might as well try; there is a sixty-day return policy in the "rare case" that there should be any aberrance in this eBayer's supposedly-flawless-but-obviously-imperfect performance.) There have still been no signs of my laptop working, and since the provider is apparently a Monday-through-Friday business, I must endure the weekend -- and however many other days it will take for a replacement to arrive -- with this computer I've been using since the Pluviose Tragedy back in the bemired, dragging coattail days of August. Why is humanity so cruel. Why the perforating whiplashes to my heart?

However, my BFF pulled through (and apparently our foul mood swings are synchronized, even if nothing else of ours is) and had me snorting and emitting sounds like those of the green pigs on Angry Birds. I also sort of earned my double-crochet badge today after thinking that perhaps I've mastered the double crochet.


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