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There are two particular songs I have in my head right now (thankfully I like both of them):

(It's a KTV version of the song, but I like it better anyway! >:O :x)

(This is no way implies fandom--and it certainly does not imply standom.

Anyhow, today was a very tolerable day! The weather has attuned itself more to the season, and it was overcast for the entire day. The overcast weather had me thinking that it will be at least overcast on Thanksgiving Day; ideally there will be snow coming from the direction of those clouds. I really need for the sun not to be casting its rays full force on my Thanksgiving Day.

On the subject of Thanksgiving Day, methinks I will still maintain my status as a born-five-or-six-times-over teetotaler this year. Insert collapsed smiley face here?

I'll put off that collapsed smiley face for a cold and sunny day (I deplore this combination), because another thing that made this day a relatively good one was the fact that my long-(presumed) lost--and slightly estranged--laptop of yesteryears ago has been found! It is in good health but being WiFi-blocked by my router. Therefore, I need to remedy that situation to be prepared before the fan to my Macbook flatlines with no return at 0 rpm. (I am sure to remember only at the second when the fan actually flatlines.)

This is what I finished tonight (after having taking two or three days to bring myself to persevere in completing these tables):


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