Oct. 10th, 2012

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My sleep schedule has undergone what seems to be a seasonal shift. In Summer, I was awake rather early in the morning -- probably because Summer days are basically pregnant with more potential on a daily basis. Recently I have been going to bed as the sky takes on a cerulean tone prior to the sunrise, especially since now I'm pretty much doubly confined to this place. Would that there were actual public transportation within walking distance, the fact that I still have anything to do with this place (outside of holidays) would not have me loathing life as much; I'd just loathe everything mostly everything within the ten-mile radius of this place. There must be more than this provincial life. (I know there is, because I had it yesteryears ago.)

Meanwhile, I have mostly been left with revisiting and revisiting the sepulchre of the relative life that I once had -- under the auspices of the social juggernaut that is Facebook. If I should ever again be asphyxiated of the tomb and relics I've set up, I apparently can always turn to the other online memorial of Memmento, one of the startup sites in the nascent(?) for-profit commemorative services industry. (Trolling of my eTomb would be welcomed...that is, those who are dissimilar to Westboro picketers.) However, I cannot say that I would effervesce with diabolical rage if I were to be able to entrust Facebook to lock me out of my own little microcosm I've established in it -- at least until the riptides from the aftermath of the election have subsided right around Thanksgiving time.

Meanwhile, in this lack of a life, I at least have only to wait two more days at the most for a crucial part to arrive for my near-decade-old laptop to turn on again.


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