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Finally, a Writer's Block question that isn't so incredibly lame that just being forced to read it on the home page and be daily reminded of its existence would make one want to stab oneself in each eye and twist the blade! :D

So, my answer is Ryan Lavery on All My Children. It certainly isn't my favorite show, but he's the only character on a TV show whom I have actually wanted to be killed. I couldn't care less about how it were to happen, just as long as it were to be done as quickly as possible.

Given that it's a soap opera, I do know that there would only be a .002% chance that he would stay gone from the soap opera forever. v_v

I'm glad I caught those tags that were automatically added. Don't ever include "fandom" or "fanfiction" again as an autotag.
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It seems as if 90% of the responders claim that they would vow to love and to cherish their laptops or desktops until death do them part. So some will be remarrying every two-to-three years; others will be remarrying every four-to-five years. Some of these will be death-related, while some will be due to previous marital hell, which is understandable if you brazenly used to own a Dell.

I'll have to go with something more permanent, namely my alma mater's main (Reg) library. I could happily live there forever without having to pay a quarterly sum that is proportional to the number of books I wish to check out of the library. It is also vast and relatively easy to isolate oneself from others when it's desired.

I'm glad that the shitty question streak was once again broken by today's Writer's Block question.
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I have yet to see the original Pride and Prejudice movie to its end. I've refused to watch the most recently made one solely because Mr. Darcy is wickedly ugly. >:

I still have yet to see Vanity Fair as well, which didn't really appeal to me, given that... Reese Witherspoon D:... was cast as Rebecca Sharp.

Other than these two movies, I can't think of any movies I've seen whose books I had previously read.
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After having read several responses, a few more have come to mind.

Platitudinous phrases and clauses that would turn my 'friends' feed into a mere cloaca of hebetative fuckery, certainly would incense me to the point of altogether hiding their feeds.


"Life's too short to ____________." Seriously, shut the fuck up and stop continuing this phrase's abuse by utilizing it to glaze over some other excuse(s). (This of course doesn't apply to everyone.)

"Follow your heart." If only the people that choose to dump these words into my life would literally try to do this. Extract your heart; throw it on the street. In the rather few seconds you'd be able to do so--that is, if you don't die before opening your own chest (highly improbable), see if it pulsates up the street or whatever ground on which you tossed it (it most likely won't), and follow it with your last few seconds of life if it does.
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Well, I'm oftimes guilty of neologizing, and I had yet to come across this word--"incentivize"--before I read this question.

On Tumblr, "fuckyeah" has sadly become as much of a trend as "lol" or "lmao", totally draining it of any appeal it had had before it was raped and gave birth to a trend.

"Love(s) it" (especially "loves") is one of those cringe-inducing catch-phrases as well, in addition to any of the buzzwords inspired by Lady Gaga--or the words, fashion statement(s), &c., of hers replicated--by projecting uranians.


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