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I watched Salad Fingers today, for the first time in two years. Oh my gosh...oh my FUCKING gosh. :) I don't know why my friend Brea and I had enjoyed that the first time around, because it's an eerie and thoroughly disturbing cartoon. However, there were two new episodes which I hadn't known about...and generally the cartoon is funny in the aspect of the contrast between his relative eloquence (at times...minus the "red water" and the "floor sugar" (lol) parts) and his repulsive hygiene and less-than-slovenliness. Many of the things he's uttered and conceptualized have also been pretty amusing: "Scrub that muck off at once, Hubert Cumberdale...I'll have no dirty immigrants in my house." Hoh shit.

The fight against HIV continues, as more drugs are developed to battle the thus far insurmountable disease. This drug, however, is different from the others that have been approved by the FDA. This one is apparently the first in its class to be approved by the FDA. One drawback is that it is apparently only available to those who bodies were resilient against the battling effects of other drug treatments. It is an inhibitor which is supposed to thwart one of the enzymes that allows for viral replication and integration in the genes. I wish I knew the comparative costs of other HIV drugs/ regiments on the market, so that I could compare the cost of this treatment.

Meanwhile, there are pets that were killed by being hurled 50 feet off of a bridge in Puerto Rico. They were injected with an unknown sedative among parents and children who were keeping pets in their homes in spite of prohibitions. Instead, they were dropped to their deaths...some of them surviving, but perishing later. The person(s) responsible for this heinous act, is/are no more than animals him/themselves. Utterly subhuman in my eyes...and should have to be subjected to more than just being a pariah of the area...of Puerto Rico. Inhuman treatment of the Responsible, would not be inhumane to me, for the object of such treatment would have to be a human, in order for the treatment to be considered "inhuman". These raids weren't even authorized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, whose authority surpasses that of the mayor of some town, doesn't it? Another thing to note is how there was a claim that there was no way in which the flung animals could have been identified as the animals actually being taken to a shelter. There were witnesses, supposedly...and Puerto Rico has had problems with shelters and animal rights. There will be possible lawsuits? Good. Hopefully the fact that the mass raid was not authorized...will land the mayor in hot water...and that the contractor will get what is coming to him/them (whomever was involved).

It's supposed to be 70 degrees today. The heater is on right now, as it is 45 degrees. The temperatures need to not fluctuate so drastically, for I needn't have my eczema flare up. Thx.

...and OMG! REJECTED! I remember having seen this back in 2002, when a dormmate at-the-time had discovered this on the internet. It was hilarious! Though, where is the skit with the balloon and the babyyyyy?? I remember days-long laughter ensuing from that skit. I couldn't find it for the life of me before, but it's not on Google Video/You is everything else.


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