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After this Iranian upset, I have felt more inclined to boycott the Farsi language. However, this will accomplish nothing but enhanced positing of this residual ire of mine in the thought of him--and in me for having been wounded by my own curiosity. Therefore, doing so would be, if anything, counterproductive.

How about cathecting the language itself? I will wager nothing on the effectuality of this cathexis.

حَمْلَه - attack
دَانِشِ آمُوز - student
به) علاوه) - in addition (to) + NOM(?)
بِیمَارِسْتَان - hospital
بِسْتَرِی شُدَن - to be admitted
پزشکان - "doctors" (forensics?)
اِسْتَغَادِه شُدَن - to be used, to be utilized
در حال...بُودَن - to be ... at the moment/at this time

It didn't work.
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The past two days of Writer's Block questions provided me with a solid reminder of the wherefores of my seldom participation. Derived from the cost of non-participation is the benefit of gained time allotted to lingering in the Tumblr--and occasionally, LiveJournal--posts of others (and mine, hence this post). This is very much needed after having realized that there is still a paucity of (gratuitous) Farsi-English dictionaries that provide the harakat and/or transliteration. A couple do so, but they aren't comprehensive enough. Google Translate suffices, if one has time to go through every vowel permutation possible; Wordchamp Toolbar is very hit-or-miss. Surely Demonoid should be able to deliver.

The Farsi vocabulary is very much needed, so continuing to post more Farsi vocabulary to my journal I shall do--even at the risk of another of my laptop's AC adapter's manic-depressive episodes, each of which lasts sufficiently long enough to send me into an apoplectic fit.

هُشْدَار = warning
برداره = about
اَحْمَدِی نِژَاد = Ahmadinejad (so, it's ژ , and not ج
اِیجَادِ اِخْتِلاَل = interference
هَشْدَار دَادَن = to warn
منع گسترش سلاح های هسته ای = non-proliferation of nuclear weapons
رُوزِ ---شنبه آیَنْدِه = next ___day
آَغَاز بِه کَار کَرْدَن = to get started, to commence?
بِه گُزَارَش خبر گُزَارِی = according to news reports
از ...تبعيت کَرْدَن = to follow, submit (to), abide (by)
بِسْیَارِ = very
از ... اِسْتَقْبَال کَرْدَن = to welcome (something)
اِضَافِه کَرْد = to add
در) خواست... بَرَایِ) = request (I don't know if the در turns it into a participle?)
در) یَافْت ویزا) = (to receive a?) visa
ابراز شُدَن = to express
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Well, my Cyberego suffered from a rather light laceration from the powers that be behind the Writers' Block committee.

So it isn't that serious at all, but I do somewhat hope that my Johnny Depp-related question wasn't trumped by today's question about whether or not you place a moratorium on your morbid eating habits for the sake of your relationship. I suppose I'm hoping that there is just a queue through which the powers that be are still sifting, and that they just have not come across my question yet.

Today's not-so-applicable question (I almost put my hands up; not enough ATP to stretch) has allowed me to divert my attention to this journal, which is what I've indirectly promised to do.

Where to start? Well, Farsi vocabulary is where I'm starting, because it's dipping into the Absolute Fucking Newbie zone.

فَرَامُوش کَردَن = to forget--an apropos term with which to begin
گروگان = hostage(s?)
‌آَزَاد شُدَن = to be released (Az?d shodan)
وُزَارَت خَارجِه = foreign minister (khAr?jeh)
بیائیه = statement
اَعْلَام کَرْدَن = to announce
شَهْرِی = a citizen (the article said دو شهروند, which means two citizens, but I don't understand the وند-           ending)
ربوده شُدَن = to be kidnapped
دَر شَرَایتِ جسمَائیِ خُوبِی = in good physical condition
گروِه = group (گروه طالبان = the Taliban)
قُول = quote, word?
دِیپْلُمَات = diplomat

هَفْتِهِ گُذَشْت = last week
گُزَارَش کردن = to report
از هنگام = since
هَمْچُنِین = also, in like manner, thus


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