narcississy: (Default) of the best feelings is falling asleep atop one's newly laundered-and-dried clothing. It reminds me of the Febreze commercials...minus the putting-my-life-on-hold-to-inhale-the-fragrance part. It's certainly conducive to an overall-yet-transient tranquility; I may even dare to say that it is conducive to a (transient) feeling of happiness. Well, it could also have been from the fact that I had just awoken from a relaxing nap that had been taken at a time that was (a) way too late in the evening for a nap, and (b) way too premature for a time at which one would call it a night (i.e. 7:00 p.m.) Then again, it isn't news that my biological clock is an anarchy-in-itself.

Therefore, the note of the day: Mingle with your clean laundry. (If you mingle with your dirty laundry, however, then you're just a perv. :oP)

This is an account that can serve as proof that Muslims take their religion quite seriously. However, people are indubitably aware of that by now...but it shows the degree to which the piousness reaches. Sure, many have the name of Muhammad throughout the Islamic world, buuuuut...I'm preeeeeetty confident in saying that they are indeed, Muslims--or, they were given that name whilst under the Islamic faith, &c.

A possible solution to cases like these: better training. This could be effective for situations in which the cultures vastly differ, such as this one. The extent of her training is unknown, but one would think that--since this is one of the most "exclusive" of Sudan's private schools--she had received rather extensive training before she even started her job. Furthermore, this is Sudan, a republic with years of conflict under its belt, particularly religious conflict. It wasn't an act that was intended to incite religious hatred, but she still should have been more prudent...especially since she is in Khartoum (in Northern Sudan), where the Islamic law applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Some sort of sentencing was expected, but I am glad that she has been spared the lashings. The image of a 54-year-old woman being beaten for something such as this--even though we Westerners and/or Muslim citizens of a non-Islamic nation-state do perceive the gravity of this act very differently--is just disheartening.


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