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I'm putting my words in chartreuse, because it's..."like", and I'm good. His words are going in red, because it's..."like", and he's bad.

Should I not be l-ing ol at my iLife?

9:15 PM
Sorry, I'm engaged to another now, so we're not engaged anymore

other than sheila?

If you want to check him out, he's on Dancing with the Stars

does he know that you're engaged?

Well, I mean, I sort of told him that I wasn't before I told you that we weren't anymore.

told him that i wasn't = ?


you are kidding me.
now i have to delete you on everything

don't be such a King.

what a thing to do to me!
you just friggin broke off our engagement!

Wellllllll, I mean, it's not like you invested in it
Maybe about .003% of your life? Maybe?

you don't know that
you don't know how much i spent on the ring, for example
which is non-returnable

I needn't a ring.

um, we were discussing whether i invested
why'd you dump me?

Well, Mr. Chmerkovskiy just...had me at hello, really.

9:25 PM
You'd better not be crying over this.

i don't get sad, i get even.

9:30 PM
Bitch, please.
I'm engaged to a celebrity...and a dancer. That means, he'll tear you up on the dance floor.

how did you meet him?
i was invited to ben affleck and jennifer lopez's wedding
i flew to california for it
then it was cancelled

Well, I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar...
No, but really. I was in a cocktail bar (NOT a COCK tail bar). My back was to him, but I guess my bombshell banging body lured him in.


Sorry to hear about BJ's wedding
blowjob's wedding...oh man.

when was this that you met him?
this is such crap
you made this up lol

Oh, this was last night
no not really

you are working in a cocktail bar?

No, that was just to crack myself up. I was IN a cocktail bar

okay mister i don't have the money to meet you for a dirnk...

I found a $10 on the street. It was my lucky day.

i'm so ready to be done talking to you

*$10 bill. It was the least expensive drink in the bar.
Don't be jealous.

not jealous.


not cool to get engaged without telling the other guy it's over.

It must have been the lonely nights that transpired...without hearing from you. Psh fts.

my best friend was visiting

Oh, you think that it was just recently.

9:40 PM
That won't keep me goin all the long, cold, lonely nights...says Shania Twain
Oh look, a Facebook ad for buying a diamond engagement ring.
...and not buying an 'engagement ring' on one of the corner stands in downtown Chicago.

9:45 PM
hey i'm gonna go

T.S.W. has gone offline.

I mean, at least our former "love" is now public. :o) As Roxette said, "It must have been love, but it's over now."

He actually did block me, too. ...and to think he knew anything about me. It's so over now. "like"..."omg".


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