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Today was one of those days of the year to which most within applicable locations look forward quite a bit: Fall Back Day. An extra hour to sleep, an extra hour to work, an extra hour to imbibe, an extra hour to survive, fuck, study, meet a deadline (unless the deadline is midnight), &c. For others, like Yours Truly, it is just the first day in approximately half a year on which it is dark outside at 5:00 or 5:30 p.m. (at the latest). (Oh, it's also the beginning of that time of the year during which one's already anarchic bioarrhythmia is subjected to a haze of whattheeverlastingfuck. The fact that this city is experiencing 60-degree Novembers surely does not help things.

Additionally, as of tonight, the pressure to find an environment in which this surplus of idle time would be a utility to more than just me has indeed been amplified.

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This Friday was abundantly pressuresome. Having researched the company to which I had hastily applied, I found that much involving the general prerequisites and the extent of what my responsibilities would have been had been withheld. Furthermore, despite how ideal I imagine the schedule would have been (e.g. an guaranteed afternoon starting time), the location--also not further specified than being in this vast city area--is about two hours away (one-way), excluding a train transfer that would possibly have required another hour's wait.

I at least returned their phone call, for not to have done so would have been rather rude. I know not why my stomach was in 22372342 knots in anticipation of the phone call or what I had been imagining would be a telephone screening (They are apparently very selective.) The distance and the cost to my already vacuous wallet had already left me uninterested and back at Square One, which alone is an added pressure because of my determination to be rather participatory in this year's upcoming holiday season.

Another source of pressure was, actually, also auto-induced. This one was more intense, because I thought that my overanalysis and what I had thought was my inadequacy had cost a very appreciated bond. I am rather relieved that something that I very much cherish has been preserved. Thanks be to God; الحمد لله.

Now for today's little character tables:


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