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This Friday was abundantly pressuresome. Having researched the company to which I had hastily applied, I found that much involving the general prerequisites and the extent of what my responsibilities would have been had been withheld. Furthermore, despite how ideal I imagine the schedule would have been (e.g. an guaranteed afternoon starting time), the location--also not further specified than being in this vast city area--is about two hours away (one-way), excluding a train transfer that would possibly have required another hour's wait.

I at least returned their phone call, for not to have done so would have been rather rude. I know not why my stomach was in 22372342 knots in anticipation of the phone call or what I had been imagining would be a telephone screening (They are apparently very selective.) The distance and the cost to my already vacuous wallet had already left me uninterested and back at Square One, which alone is an added pressure because of my determination to be rather participatory in this year's upcoming holiday season.

Another source of pressure was, actually, also auto-induced. This one was more intense, because I thought that my overanalysis and what I had thought was my inadequacy had cost a very appreciated bond. I am rather relieved that something that I very much cherish has been preserved. Thanks be to God; الحمد لله.

Now for today's little character tables:

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I've previously done these pictures of ten kanji at a time, but the addition of meaningful visuals is rather new. It is also rather time-guzzling, which is why I must either cerebrate away until some brilliant solution comes together in my brain, or I must be rid of the meaningful visuals altogether.

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I bet that this was because of the word "junta"--or the words "military junta" in one of my most recent posts.

As I had mentioned on Social Networking Hell, I'd only join to proselytize every underling compeer to the Islamic faith. The damage would be collateral, too, because the power of me would compel those serving in all military branches to be proselytized.

Nothing much has been happening in terms of So You Hanzi Think You Can Dance; some of the same hanzi (蠲    及    所) are still waltzing around in my locket of a memory. Three have approached the dance floor, but they're no neophytes:

(chàng) , which means nothing but 'sacrificial spirits' or 'wine' (or it can mean 'unobstructed' or 'unhindered', similar to 暢, its tonal equal that might just take to the ballroom sometime soon.)

(niè), which is sort of the Phantom of the Waltz, for it means 'evil', 'wicked', 'a monster', or 'son of a concubine'--like 孽種 (nièzhŏng), 'seed of misfortune', 'a child born from adultery', or 'a bastard'; 孽黨 (nièdăng), which means 'a traitorous party' (or its members)

(zhī), which is almost as diverse in meaning as 及 (and probably within the same age bracket): 'to go', 'to arrive at', 'this/that/these/those', the third person objective pronoun, or 'of' (forging a genitive connection)--like ___之後* (____-zhīhòu) 'after' (=___ of following); ____之外* (zhīwài) 'outside', 'besides this' (=this POSTPOSITION-outside)

*Both of these have different contexts from their counterparts 以 (i.e. 以外 ≠ 之外, &c.)*

It has been a while since I've accomplished any data entry of the Farsic persuasion, hasn't it? It has been well noted, and action shall be taken...tomorrow. Why? Well, because procrastinators, unite!...tomorrow (everyone's saying this now and likely abusing it). '^'
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I've been traveling the cyberworld for over a decade now, but it was in the wee hours of this morning that I explored and discovered the wonders of the seven cyberseas--that is, at least one of them. My XP just soared by a whole billionth of a point, and I've now gained some rather transcendent protean powers that everyone other internetter has already had for, well, forever. I'm so going places! I'm... "like" internet Wigglytuff now.

I seriously hope that my Gameboy and Pokémon games are still around here (both red and blue versions).

I will start off with certain hanzi that have sidelined all other hanzi (new and old), taken the floor, and have ever since been waltzing around in my ballroom locket of a memory.

  • (juān), which means either 'millipede', or 'clean'/'to cleanse', 'bright', or 'to remit'--like 蠲免 (juānmiăn): to remit (taxes, etc.), 蠲潔 (juānjié): to cleanse

  • (hòu), which means nothing but 'king crab' (I have no idea why this is one is not amongst the sidelined

  • (suŏ), which means a 'location', a 'building' (including a counter/classifier for buildings), or 'that which'--like 所得 (suŏdé): income (=that which is received/achieved), 一所學校 (yìsuŏxuéjiāo): a (suŏ-classifier) school, 律法所 (lǜfăsuŏ): law office (building)

  • (jí), which has 80 billion different definitions, including 'to reach or attain', 'with', 'and', 'as long as', 'up until', 'to continue', and 'to extend'--like 及至 (jízhì): until, 及物動詞 (jíwùdòngcí): transitive verb (=reach/extend to object verb), 波及 (bōjí): to spread to, or 'involve', 'affect' (literally= waves extend/reach/come up to)

I don't feel like adding anything else to this entry, but I will leave for now with a promise to hope that I will stop constructing such mésalliances between hanzi.


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