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Fattening my music and PDF libraries is what I have been doing (thanks to iTunes music for the first one), I also stretched myself thin browsing through pictures of my time in Japan.

Before I spam this journal with my usual tables, I need to leave a picture of the one responsible for having truly awakened and galvanized the hibernating workers in my factory:

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There are two particular songs I have in my head right now (thankfully I like both of them):

(It's a KTV version of the song, but I like it better anyway! >:O :x)

(This is no way implies fandom--and it certainly does not imply standom.

Anyhow, today was a very tolerable day! The weather has attuned itself more to the season, and it was overcast for the entire day. The overcast weather had me thinking that it will be at least overcast on Thanksgiving Day; ideally there will be snow coming from the direction of those clouds. I really need for the sun not to be casting its rays full force on my Thanksgiving Day.

On the subject of Thanksgiving Day, methinks I will still maintain my status as a born-five-or-six-times-over teetotaler this year. Insert collapsed smiley face here?

I'll put off that collapsed smiley face for a cold and sunny day (I deplore this combination), because another thing that made this day a relatively good one was the fact that my long-(presumed) lost--and slightly estranged--laptop of yesteryears ago has been found! It is in good health but being WiFi-blocked by my router. Therefore, I need to remedy that situation to be prepared before the fan to my Macbook flatlines with no return at 0 rpm. (I am sure to remember only at the second when the fan actually flatlines.)

This is what I finished tonight (after having taking two or three days to bring myself to persevere in completing these tables):

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When I received the message from someone at the place to which I had applied just two hours prior, I could have micturated right there in my pants (as "I'm" doing in the aboveposted jpg). In a helter-skelter foray for income and an immediate return to some form of normalcy, such a prompt follow-up from a potential employer is ideal. (Allow me to state that the discovery of this position was very fortuitous.)

I have rather mixed thoughts about this opportunity, for it is one that seems as if at least a year of my life would have to be invested. Whilst I'm being gravitated in every which way back toward Asia, I wish not to be grounded in this city (or even this country); excluding the government--which is such a minute factor at this point in my life--the only thing that is gravitating me toward this place is finding that which will finally enable me to flee from the the repulsive forces and the ever-so-intensifying, isorropic crushing forces of inanitiation.

On another note, these were made for the dire need of reviewing recommitting to memory:

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This means "to lift", "to raise", or "to carry". This is the selected character of today because it seems as if my spirits have been somewhat lifted within these last two days. It isn't because my relative utility to this world has gone up, even infinitesimally, from zero--nor is it because there seem to be any reliable signs of that happening.

Last night, I serendipitously came across two movies whilst in search of Taiwanese movies. One of the movies, 백야행 (White Night), was a great, heartbreaking movie that has piqued my interest enough to partake in cinematic indulgence (بيروت الغربية [West Beirut] and 聽說 [Hear Me] just didn't send me across that threshold, though I would still recommend seeing the latter.) From White Night, I went on to see a beautiful, very cute, yet also heartbreaking movie: 僕の初恋をキミに捧ぐ (I Give My First Love to You). Though the fortified dams that are my lower eyelids were champs throughout the movie, this movie still put my rather marginalized lachrymal system to work--and this was even within the first 15 minutes! Had my Mac OS not failed me approximately 15 minutes before the end (enraging me and slightly devaluing the ending to me), Your Wee One would have ended up blubbering a little or profusely.

I won't provide synopses of the movies, for I wish not to spoil for the zero readers of this and moved so much to see the movie(s). This is the source from which I obtained the clips for the two movies.

The fact that today was a gorgeous day also has galvanized my spirits. I had been embittered by the temperatures reaching into the 70s in what is almost mid-October (and the clouds have been too infrequent). However, I was glad today that the temperature soared and that the sun shone. It was very similar to one of those first few warm days of spring all over again (very displaced first few days, that is). The fact that the leaves are gold and red will be ignored. It for some reason made me burst out in Mariah Carey songs. I am just going to leave that here in this post and not touch it. I also am just going to hope for the same sort of weather tomorrow, for it is supposed to be the last weekend with such gorgeous weather (and I shall be going to Oktoberfest for the first time in about 80 billion years!) I will be a little sad to bid days like these "Adieu", but I appreciate the nice segue into Halloween and the upcoming seasons. Hopefully global warming--despite dis/beliefs in it--does not have outrageously intempestive weather in store for these cherished times.

The longest paragraph in this entry is about the weather. Shame beest upon me, or shame beest upon me? Anyway, something about days like these past two days has had me thinking that perhaps there are things yet to come in my life that would not leave me smitten with existentially draining disappointment, regret, nostalgia, {&c.∈synonymous nouns}


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