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Fattening my music and PDF libraries is what I have been doing (thanks to iTunes music for the first one), I also stretched myself thin browsing through pictures of my time in Japan.

Before I spam this journal with my usual tables, I need to leave a picture of the one responsible for having truly awakened and galvanized the hibernating workers in my factory:

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When I received the message from someone at the place to which I had applied just two hours prior, I could have micturated right there in my pants (as "I'm" doing in the aboveposted jpg). In a helter-skelter foray for income and an immediate return to some form of normalcy, such a prompt follow-up from a potential employer is ideal. (Allow me to state that the discovery of this position was very fortuitous.)

I have rather mixed thoughts about this opportunity, for it is one that seems as if at least a year of my life would have to be invested. Whilst I'm being gravitated in every which way back toward Asia, I wish not to be grounded in this city (or even this country); excluding the government--which is such a minute factor at this point in my life--the only thing that is gravitating me toward this place is finding that which will finally enable me to flee from the the repulsive forces and the ever-so-intensifying, isorropic crushing forces of inanitiation.

On another note, these were made for the dire need of reviewing recommitting to memory:

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This is a very commonly used character, with various meanings. dé can mean to get/obtain/gain/attain/win, complacent, harmony, to be able to, or even the exclamatory phrase "All right!"; dĕi means must/should/ought to, or to need; and de (fifth tone) means that the character serves as an adverb as a prelude to some sort of effect that comes from a given action.

I chose this particular character for today's post because I feel as if I have gained more than usual today. It took transcribing all the verb forms of just the few new categorical Arabic words that I've recently learned to know just how much one's Arabic vocabulary base can grow from just a few words. Surely with my infamously porous and small-sized memory unit, other useful knowledge has been kicked out, so to say. -_-

The picture is a gross exaggeration of my gains, but seeing such "gains" on paper is much more exciting. +2 XP; 6.23 x 10232 until a level-up in something.


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