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Fattening my music and PDF libraries is what I have been doing (thanks to iTunes music for the first one), I also stretched myself thin browsing through pictures of my time in Japan.

Before I spam this journal with my usual tables, I need to leave a picture of the one responsible for having truly awakened and galvanized the hibernating workers in my factory:

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When I received the message from someone at the place to which I had applied just two hours prior, I could have micturated right there in my pants (as "I'm" doing in the aboveposted jpg). In a helter-skelter foray for income and an immediate return to some form of normalcy, such a prompt follow-up from a potential employer is ideal. (Allow me to state that the discovery of this position was very fortuitous.)

I have rather mixed thoughts about this opportunity, for it is one that seems as if at least a year of my life would have to be invested. Whilst I'm being gravitated in every which way back toward Asia, I wish not to be grounded in this city (or even this country); excluding the government--which is such a minute factor at this point in my life--the only thing that is gravitating me toward this place is finding that which will finally enable me to flee from the the repulsive forces and the ever-so-intensifying, isorropic crushing forces of inanitiation.

On another note, these were made for the dire need of reviewing recommitting to memory:


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