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I completely missed posting for yesterday. >:\ I might have to start posting for the previous day, especially since this journal is of far less significance than it was, say, a few months ago. My time has also been occupied by such activities as those which may be seen below:

This is exactly what I did, too.
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Today I watched an Iranian movie that highlighted the importance of hospitality, cohesion, compromise, and risk in intra- and extra-familial affairs. A woman, Sepideh, introduces her friend (and teacher of her daughter), Elly, to a repatriate to Iran who is in search of someone to wife. The situation goes from awkward to even more awkward throughout the movie.

This post is coming nearly 24 hours late, but at least I started it yesterday.
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There was no movie for today, for I awoke terribly late--something of which I am not a fan at all. However, today one of my dry erase boards has returned in my life, which only means that my lack of a life can be slightly more convenient whilst continuing to be just as vacuous. Awesomeyay.

See? :D

I figured that it would make sense to browse the "Help Center" for insight into what this "Use Facebook as Page" feature is--only to have found nothing.
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When I received the message from someone at the place to which I had applied just two hours prior, I could have micturated right there in my pants (as "I'm" doing in the aboveposted jpg). In a helter-skelter foray for income and an immediate return to some form of normalcy, such a prompt follow-up from a potential employer is ideal. (Allow me to state that the discovery of this position was very fortuitous.)

I have rather mixed thoughts about this opportunity, for it is one that seems as if at least a year of my life would have to be invested. Whilst I'm being gravitated in every which way back toward Asia, I wish not to be grounded in this city (or even this country); excluding the government--which is such a minute factor at this point in my life--the only thing that is gravitating me toward this place is finding that which will finally enable me to flee from the the repulsive forces and the ever-so-intensifying, isorropic crushing forces of inanitiation.

On another note, these were made for the dire need of reviewing recommitting to memory:

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That pronoun in the title is not referent to me, by the way.

The temperatures have chilled a little, but they have not delved into the Obnoxious Zone (yet?).

I've officially acted on that rumble I perceived in my court. Hopefully rockage of my world will result from it.

There are many new characters that have somewhat sidelined the old floorholders of So You Hanzi Think You Can Dance:

(sù - 'early morning'--or 'inborn', 'inherent')
  • 夙慧 (sùhuì: inherent/inborn intelligence)

  • 夙願 (sùyuàn: long-time desire/wish)

(fēng - 'good-looking', 'buxom'--or 'appearance/character of a person')
  • 丰標 (fēngbiāo: good looks, appearances)

  • 丰采 (fēngcăi: good-looking, dashing)

(chuāi - 'to hide in the bosom', or 'to knead', 'to rub')
  • 搋麵 (chuāimiàn: to knead dough)

  • 搋在懷裏 (chuāizàihuáili: to conceal in one's bosom; literally: hide on/in bosom in)

(yùn - 'to conceive', 'to become pregnant')
  • 因孕而婚 (yīnyùnérhūn: shotgun wedding; literally: because pregnant accordingly marry)

  • 避孕套 / 避孕藥 (bìyùntào / bìyùnyào: condom / contraceptive; literally: prevent pregnancy covering / prevent pregnancy medicine)

(gèn - 'to expand across space and time')
  • 亙古未有 (gèngŭwèiyŏu: unprecedented)

    On a completely random note, who remembers this store?

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I bet that this was because of the word "junta"--or the words "military junta" in one of my most recent posts.

As I had mentioned on Social Networking Hell, I'd only join to proselytize every underling compeer to the Islamic faith. The damage would be collateral, too, because the power of me would compel those serving in all military branches to be proselytized.

Nothing much has been happening in terms of So You Hanzi Think You Can Dance; some of the same hanzi (蠲    及    所) are still waltzing around in my locket of a memory. Three have approached the dance floor, but they're no neophytes:

(chàng) , which means nothing but 'sacrificial spirits' or 'wine' (or it can mean 'unobstructed' or 'unhindered', similar to 暢, its tonal equal that might just take to the ballroom sometime soon.)

(niè), which is sort of the Phantom of the Waltz, for it means 'evil', 'wicked', 'a monster', or 'son of a concubine'--like 孽種 (nièzhŏng), 'seed of misfortune', 'a child born from adultery', or 'a bastard'; 孽黨 (nièdăng), which means 'a traitorous party' (or its members)

(zhī), which is almost as diverse in meaning as 及 (and probably within the same age bracket): 'to go', 'to arrive at', 'this/that/these/those', the third person objective pronoun, or 'of' (forging a genitive connection)--like ___之後* (____-zhīhòu) 'after' (=___ of following); ____之外* (zhīwài) 'outside', 'besides this' (=this POSTPOSITION-outside)

*Both of these have different contexts from their counterparts 以 (i.e. 以外 ≠ 之外, &c.)*

It has been a while since I've accomplished any data entry of the Farsic persuasion, hasn't it? It has been well noted, and action shall be taken...tomorrow. Why? Well, because procrastinators, unite!...tomorrow (everyone's saying this now and likely abusing it). '^'


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