Nov. 2nd, 2012

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Somehow I managed to get to bed at four and rise at 12. The green dye makeup and hairspray both still have yet to be fully extracted. With the start of this month, there seems to have been a concomitant commencement of that time of year when I feel like emphysema or some terminating pleural/pulmonary illness. From experience of last year, Autumn itself seems to be the trigger of what seems to be, I shan't even say it. Perfect people are immune/incapable of allergies.

However, perfect people also probably don't accrue as much sleep time as I've accrued in the past few days, especially just days before such a big event as Election Day.

Election Day is actually a great segue into the Internet Appreciation Corner part of this post. As I have been faltering in making provisions for these in my posts, I come bearing gems three in number in tonight's post, the first of which is election-based:

I suppose that the second may also be remotely election-based, given a certain headline-making poll:

This third one is the most valuable -- the Tiffany &. Co., if you will -- of the three gems, which may be seen by clicking here. I am not even a watcher of volleyball rugby bobsledding golf (just kidding, not a sport) one of those sports (I think), but I still find this to be a gem.


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