Oct. 26th, 2012

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Yesterday was what seemed to be the last vestige of what was once intempestive temperatures, but global warming has very much taught that temperature does what it wants; it fights for the eleutherian cause. Anyway, I translated this into an opportunity to keep running on hope reserves to go out and hope that I would be able to piece together my entire ensemble for the coming Wednesday.

Reserves of hope weren't depleted, but materialization of my costume is yet to take place with even a single accoutrement. Why? Well, I ended up not even going out shopping on the last foreseeable warm day of the year excepting Thanksgiving, given my fortune. I did bear witness to actual ribs in the ribbing which I had been doubting myself as to whether I was doing correctly (and based on the right side, which looks as if some knit-bomb had been dropped on the ribbing, I still have reason to doubt myself):

Today, however, is the day that my hope reserves suffered significant losses. Store-hopping for a specifically-coiffed wig, I left a little or a lot of hope in each store out of whose doors I was walking empty-handed. The silver lining of the empty-handedness, though, is that my wallet hasn't suffered catastrophic weight loss...especially since there hasn't been much weight to dissipate in the first place.

Without the wig, there shall be no costume, for my hair texture and shape drastically diverges from that of Lucille Bluth's. To try and take on her form with mine own wilting cranial garden would be no less blasphemous than a North Korean citizen anthropomorphizing the late "deity" Dear Leader himself...and I'm too old (internally) for any sort of gulag. So the only accomplishment that came from today was buying a pumpkin from Target...oh and the Ovaltine that it's taken me forever-and-3/2 to buy.

Oh, and since Target is Target, I of course suffered with bouts of consumptive lust (and surmounted, thanks to my penurious life status):

Also, my Summer life to-be just achieved 1.2% of completion, thanks to the availability of these (surely they are self-bartender-/alcoholic self-doctor-approved for the other three seasons as well):

I'm still pining over these just looking at the picture I took of them:

Read the caption for the above picture, and apply it to the following picture. I actually discovered these a few days prior in my visit to another Target:

Also, between you, lot of imaginary readers, and me, do not let Lucille know that I actually considered taking on her form using this (to serve as consolation, I didn't actually buy it):


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