Oct. 23rd, 2012

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I am going to take a stand against my shifted-scheduled sleeping schedule by going to bed at, basically, the same asscrack of matutinal time. Noontime was the time around which I woke up, and I fortunately was still able to clock in to Domino's offers of gratuitous pizza slices (which certainly doesn't subtract from the benefit of driving past the Pizza Hut, serial offender of being nauseatingly generous with their tomato sauce, that is five minutes nearer), which ended at two:

Since the weather was still nice and cloudy, I decided to meander on down to the local Party City to see if it would serve as a Comeback Team for my Halloween costume spirit. Though it proved super ineffective in this aspect, visiting that store wasn't a total disutility to my life. For example, it was further solidified in my brain that I would not be going as this:

Everyone's sister's friend's half-cousin's gecko's ex-owner's one night stand's butthurt boyfriend's video game store employer's boss's landlord's cousin in Kiev's half brother in this city is going to be dressing as this Empress of Homopolis for Halloween.

I was also given topics to discuss at my locale(s) of fine imbibing and holiday festivities/hoping that some ruffian and/or psychopath does not get the best of me/my wallet/my life. My mentor/coach for this extraterrestrial phenomena called socializing:

A verdict is needed on whether the fact that this picture which directly follows, bodes well or bodes hell (either way, that would make for a perfect prop for my costume -- almost as if it had been made to complement it):

Forgoing the last rainbow-colored tutu in the store, I decided to spend responsibly by not spending anything at all...but that deterred me not from still discreetly taking more pictures (discreetly lest I take on the image of a sub-chic but not slovenly undercover person from the retail Gestapo):

From Party City, I wasted a trip and ended up not even borrowing the Do-It-Herself car repair book. Then, serving as no consolation, the picture that I took from behind the windshield ended up much less rich in color than expected (which invariably occurs, but still):

Oh, and I happened to find this in a search online. Since it is rather relevant to my beerphobic interests (the cigarette part doesn't apply), this shall be presented for the Internet Appreciation section of my entry:


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