Oct. 21st, 2012

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I took mine ass of plenitude and went some distance today! Surely, as most likely was foreseen by my Supreme Court of judging, chimerical readers, I did not go the entire distance -- just some of it. It would have been too unnatural and time-space-rifting to have gone the entire distance. Many pictures were taken of my Sunday adventures of basicity pH 1414.

Half of the day was gone after ashamèdly sleeping from 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., but the nice weather that was forecast for today inspired me either to walk or make use of vehicular transport to get to Target (the real one, a.k.a. the Super Target that actually harbors alcohol) and, with a shot of ambition coursing through my veins, procure a pumpkin. Spoiler: The shot of ambition, albeit potent, did not result in my procurement of a pumpkin; the few remaining ones at Target were riddled with contusions, and each of them were misshapen in their unique ways.

Let us start with the unsurprisingly first section in which I lollygagged:

Target, when I was in this glorious section -- actually, when I was in your store, period -- I just wanted to emulate the following gif:

That and this would have been my alcoholic potion of choice, which I would have been too prissy to have drunk because it's always too damned pretty (the turquoise one, of course):

Now, for most girls, picking a deodorant and/or body mist and/or body wash is a To Do item to check off in about six or seven (or 16 or 17) seconds. For me, however, I could easily stay in such an aisle for forever.2 years, trying to match each of the above-listed items with my mood swings or whatever it is I would think would make me feel most like a bitch atop the world-of-her-comforts-of-home. I bought absolutely nothing; I'll worry about that the next time emolument shall reach my hands:

One of the reasons I needed to go to Target today was to start shopping for my costume, a prerequisite of which is foundation that will effectively mask my current lack of skin tone and help me take on the complexion of a Caucasian proper. (Being that this will be a one-time occasion, one needn't call upon the great names of MAC or Nars and pay the premium for better quality...especially since I will most likely just be patronizing some bar.) I eyed this row in particular, but didn't commit myself to anything before doing further research on how to be the very best at frugalling:

The rest are just pictures of my basic adventure around the store and of various items after which my consumptive self lusted, especially this neck scarf:

Yes, there was even the "LOL BUTTER", which instantly invoked the following macro in my mind:

After doing enough damage and looking like some sort of undercover reconnaissance agent who took her role way too seriously and dressed up like a hobo proper, I headed next door to Michaels. Since every cell in my body has apparently been suffused with the Fall spirit, that store and Jo Ann Fabrics are my seasonal BFFs.

Having 2/234928379 vision, the glasses weren't available in my prescription. Also, since I have no specific project in mind, the two skeins of yarn were also left behind unpurchased. The following, however, was almost not left behind unpurchased (until I found a pen which I had though was only available transpacifically, which was bought in its stead):

Besides, I could use one of those for my highly-anticipated drinks in the bar, which I actually have picked out -- thanks to their drink options!

Thanks very much to these arts and crafts stores, I become a walking Pinspiration...a Pinterest personified. I suspect that I have caught the airborne strains of Midwest viruses in the air, for now I am also into making jewelry after having seen these:

Other symptoms of viral infection include desires to decorate one's entire place with this:

The following isn't necessarily a symptom (wrong season), but how could I not take a picture of this, being ready for it to arrive and everything:

It's rather fortunate that I did do some (minor) wallet-trimming in Michaels today (yarn needle is needed for my practices), for they are apparently giving these out to purchasing customers, which very much guarantees my return to the store even before Halloween (thanks, Michaels!):

Oh, and I would be rather remiss if I weren't to include a picture of tonight's/this morning's dinner (obviously far from beef)...and let's sweep the fact that I've had macaroni and cheese for dinner for the last two nights:

(If this has not been a photo entry, then I shan't ever make a photo entry.)

Now for the Internet Appreciation section of my journal entry:

This was extracted from this article that I've forgotten how I've come across it. The wavelengths of the commenters match mine to the picometer. Those are the exact two men on whose behalves I cry, "injustice!"

I would also cry injustice at this weather forecast for late October, but this would be foolish not just because I have to be out in such temperatures but also because I have all the time this week to enjoy it whilst it lasts -- provided that I don't wake up at 12:00 noon et al. every day this week, which is likely not to happen.


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