Oct. 8th, 2012

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Last night This morning I had a dream about how I was a part of what seemed to be a sitcom episode. I evoked laughter from others; I made myself lose a few pounds (infinitesimal given my astronomical number of tonnes); and I felt great even in that interstice of transitional time between synthetic and sensation, even though it was rather odd that I recalled being (or at least donned the voice of) a rather conflagrational homosexual man in that dream. I believe I had said something similar to, "Ohhh, it looks like he needs some assistance." Just to de-cloud the murky waters from such a statement, let it be known that the extent of my being an ass person reaches only so far as my noticing that someone has a nicer, more curvaceous one than I -- as in, I covet/have established a fund to have mine sculpted in the likeness of it.

Regressing from the digression, though, when reality punched in for its 9-5 noon-to-6 a.m. shift, it was much like that time when one was picked up and escorted back to hell/HOME* on the Sunday morning after a sleepover. The rest of the day up to now, especially along with it being Columbus Day, made me think about how there not only must be but is more than this provincial life. The whole verbal nuking of each party/ideology by the other just made me want to emigrate from this self-eroding nation and renew my passions and immigrate to Iran, for example. Iceland and Finland are also amongst the countries on the list of hypothetical countries to which to immigrate. I would include my homeland of the North Pole, but the waters have likely blanketed my humble lands; I would also include Neptune, but a flight there would -- supposing incarnation -- cost me my liver from about 80 or 9283 reincarnations. The problems of an immigrant dreamer.


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