Sep. 29th, 2012

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I panted my way across this little town today. Why? I needed to return some library books before the grace period expired and I became some sort of library delinquent; I also needed to go to Target before I had to reduce, reuse, and recycle my contact lens solution (which I wouldn't actually do, but I need to keep my Masters in Exaggeration in good use. Being in the latter was remotely similar to being in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory -- even the candy called my ugly name. It took much from within and without for me only to buy that which I had stumbled into that store to get. Cherry pie filling, pumpkin pie filling, Ovaltine, Dove's pomegranate body spray, early-discounted (or so I thought) Christmas icicle/normal lights, tutu for my anticipated Halloween costume, iPod Touch (to the one I lost about a year and a week ago), iPad (20,000 leagues over my budgetary sea), Maybelline nail polish, and other miscellanies that shall remain undisclosed lest I become vertiginous from all the Have-notproblems that are in the initial stage of flaring.

Having neglected the duty to provision myself with fluids, my dear imaginary readers will find the following to be an accurate representation of how I transported myself from Target to the Aldi on the way back to my domicile:

Aldi: the place where I had a bottle of very, very, very cheap moscato on the mind...and left empty-handed. This whole self-imposed austerity measure has turned me into some sort of invalid of humanity; I might have to abrogate it because, even though the Spain, Greece, and Portugal are somewhat transatlantically sharing in the austerity with me, there is a complete absence of any of the abovementioned groups sharing in the austerity in me.

Welp, after that, goodbye. I should have been off to bed for my body to convert this box-ful of macaroni and cheese (dinner) to blubber layer #2938427938. The Blubbs cycle (somewhat like a Krebs cycle for the overabundantly huge species -- population: 1) takes a while.


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