Sep. 24th, 2012

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My friend brought me back to LiveJournal, and it seems as if she herself has already left me derelict in this mostly forsaken ancient world. It's not as if being kept company by the apparitions and dispersed skeletons of LiveJournal past would be unfortunate; it would, after all, match with my current theme for the upcoming Halloween season. So, fine, go and be with Facebook and Twitter! I'll just see you over there and every other social network in the netiverse...after I finish journaling to and for myself here amongst the rubble and putrefaction of the once great LJ.

I'll be finishing The Brothers Karamazov pretty soon (as in, tomorrow). I think I might have had my first sapiosexual experience ever at the end of this book. I shan't reveal the identity of him whom the hypothetical you is thank for this, because I believe that he actually was twice or thrice my age or something (no, it was not Fyodor; he was painted in a far from flattering way from every angle in which he was portrayed in the book) -- and the only one even remotely close to being that much my senior whom I'd reveal as having induced such a bodily response in me is the esteemed one who seems to have no expiration date on sexiness:

(All protests about that being an out-dated picture -- which would have to come from within anyway, and would only produce echoes throughout Deathjournal Valley -- will be met with "I do what I want.")

All in all, I'll have to think about which new work I'm going to use to while away my time/life/existence, but in the meantime, I'll have Facebook privacy concerns about which I needn't worry/hyperventilate/myocardially short-circuit (unlike apparently several others); a Myspace account whose reunion (and probably access, since my account's password has been changed before) I apparently need to consider; and whether Babe Walker has indeed sealed my fate/predestined me to have those last two sentences materialize in my impossible relationship with even more impossible boyfriend (click the LJ-cut below):

This place is desolate, so there's no one working here...therefore, would a NSFW label be appropriate here? )

Sorry, I had to put that there. Theirs look better than mine. What the supercalifragilisticexpialidociusistic fuck.


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