Sep. 23rd, 2012

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The fair of freebies and offers has continued on Facebook. I went to the 92%-vacant mall nearest my residence today to take advantage of the Bath & Body Works offer of a free 2-oz. (a.k.a. sample size) lotion or body wash; I left with that, a coupon for a free body care item with my next purchase, and a survey offer on my receipt which would earn me $10 off of a $30 purchase (with no expiration date).

I'm somewhat confused, since this isn't necessarily the season of giving. However, this must mean that there is brand confidence and up, up, and away jumping from cloud nine to cloud nine. Hopefully there will be even more when it's time for the Black Friday/Christmas holiday season, because it was amazing being able to e-Black Friday last year instead of going out into Civil War MMDXXXVIII and hyperventilating over the bloodshed in the streets and in the stores -- not to mention the potential of having any of my material being meet with the ground due to the camouflaged stealth-ice sniping and tripping. I'll take what I can get, however, as I am that Whatever I Can Get girl who never actually checked the "Whatever I Can Get" box on Facebook (or was that the Random Play, which still wouldn't have explained the lack of expectant philanderers queued at my door).


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