Sep. 22nd, 2012

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So it is officially the beginning of Fall, though it's not wholly reflected by the weather here. Autumn is slowly but surely moving in, but letting Summer take its own time in moving itself out subsequent to the eviction notice. As long as Summer is mostly moved out well before the start of the holiday season (Halloween included), I won't have to take to the streets vociferating my protests to the atmosphere, looking like some short-(or no-)circuited-brained being. However, I would like to petition that Winter have a ten-day guest contract -- and that Spring start its sublet term about three-and-a-half months in advance.

With this whole seasonal transition, part of me is sort of wishing that I had made my hiatus from Facebook a tradition. That is somewhat of a lie, for I would have missed out on this barrage of offers of various gratuitous items from a just as various number of companies. I also would apparently have missed out on someone emitting at least some of the pent-up kryptonite internally combusting within him/her for what s/he has claimed to be the last several years -- an assertion that is somewhat incongruous with our relationship for even the past year and a-half (let alone several years). I would have missed out on knowing that someone who has known me for years -- and has even spent time with me in the physical flesh -- still believes that there is anything more than 2.5 x 10-24% seriousness in about 85% of what I say within the antipodes of Facebook (100% in regards to my exchanges with him/her). Also, a hiatus from Facebook would have meant that the only outlets for my inebriated commentary (which sometimes isn't far too deviating from my equilibrated commentary) would be Tumblr, texting, and bonding with the dog that lives when I read her the first few pages of Alice in Wonderland in this power-less, hopeless place. (At least I found love with the port and the rum in the hopeless place, thus making Rihanna and I relatable more than on just the level that we would have carnal relations with Chris Brown whether gay or straight...provided that he were the pitcher he's sure never again to be.) This all also would be as I'm reading The Brother's Karamazov and Mein Kampf, two works that are about as inappropriate for pre-imbibing as something like the Bible would be for pre-brothelling or pre-gaming for a Chuck Norris occult gathering.

This Fall is shaping up to be about transitions, which wouldn't be too different from that of last year when I lost the iPod touch -- my everything -- that I had bought three years prior in Seoul. (It wasn't really my everything -- even if the thought of it is just the same as pouring brine into the hole which my lost iPod has left; I'm just putting my Ph. D. in Melodramatics to use.) Not all transitions were bad: I did start driving again, and I made the acquaintances of Beyoncé (from this decade), Ke$ha, and even la Gaga. Hopefully this year's transitions won't be all bad either. (At least I don't have an iPod/iPad/iPhone to lose, even if I would love to have one preferably not to lose.)


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