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Tomorrow I plan on waking up early to exercise this right that we as American citizens have for something called voting. I don't afford myself too many luxuries -- with the exception of pictures of pulchritudes on Tumblr, pantagruelistic toward my plight of #singlegirlproblemsdom (oh and the luxury of libation, though that is totally more of a necessity) -- but since it is a luxury common to the people of this nation, I suppose I shall take at least a minuscule share in it. I mean, it isn't transferrable to someone who transoceanically is lacking of the same right. Additionally, I need only walk about one minute east of my domicile to claim this luxury right.

I already know him for whom I am to cast my vote, but he did not by any sort of default have my vote (especially since I have outliered myself from the established parties). I do wish that I were able to say that tomorrow night would mark the beginning of the suturation of the rift that has as-close-to-literally-as-possible polarized this country. However, as has been iterated in the media, whoever wins the bid for the next presidential term will have an iatric role to master: sutures to apply in Congress and transstatally amongst those being represented; battling anemic morale/patriotism; installing/stimulating economic pacemakers; working with other international "leader-physicians" -- assholes (Chinese leadership) and more trustworthy (Germany) alike -- to provide the best care together for their products.

I think I'll stop there after that little Grey's Anatomy vignette of our world leaders. Regardless of whoever is the victor of the presidential bid, I will be of the first to flail/immolate/fling excrementiferous paper bags/occupy if/when there should ever be an asphyxiation of my personal Oprah supplies like that of free McDonald's fries from game pieces, 50% offs on my knitting insurance à la receiptpons, or my post-Halloween markdown on my month's worth of sugar supply. I'll seize in the middle of the streets, I will!

...wait, but I mean, I don't really afford myself too many luxuries. "I'm a hypoglycemic who knits everything she wears, who also happens to be hyponatremic." Yes, that's it.

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Just out of curiosity, do you purposely try to use the biggest vocabulary words ever or is that just how you naturally speak?
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