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Apparently this Halloween Eve, Hurricane Sandy brushed the borders of my hamlet today. I don't know about the other three or four thousand inhabitants (nor do I particularly care), but I felt as if this was an eschatological graze. I'm afraid that I will be washed into a nonexistence that differs in no great way from the nonexistence in which I currently nonexist. However, given that Cassandra seems to have taken her meds, whose potency seems to have taken effect, the fears that I didn't even really have regarding a siphoning into meta-meta-nonexistence seem to have been allayed.

It is so interesting how this psychotic, trashy sorority chick from the subtropical/tropical chapter of ατλ would come and crash the electoral party here in sister υσα's sororipad. It is rather unjust that all in the easterly lands had to endure the wrath of this med-skipping psychopath...because of some of our forefronts of douchebaggery who have used and abused ατλ. Just so you know, Cassandra, we are not all dickholes with rapacious souls -- just a majority of us. Might you be passive-violently-aggressive with a sprinkle of Paranoid Personality Disorder? ~*Write me back if 'YOU'RE NEXT' isn't the reply.*~

So after the graze and the allayed existential false-malaise, I wandered a little beyond my hamlet and into a beauty supply store that made me consider lifting my bahfuckinghumbug embargo on Halloween -- made me consider rescinding my appeal to the Law of the Land to abolish the day altogether. However, finding the closest match to my desired wig came just a little or a lot too tardy to the fait accompli party (partie accomplie?) I have already moved on to searching ransacking the surface of the barrel of creativity for lesser costumes. (Don't worry; I haven't given myself to total abnegation and actually considered the Lady Gaga costume I posted a few days ago.)

On a tangential note, I have come upon a dilemma that is slightly less serious than the pendulous/filipendulous 225-ton crane dangling in the New Yorkian skies -- but more serious than who our next president shall be. If you tell someone you will be first-time-patronizing his /her establishment and s/he is basically disregarding you, should you take it as an omen that you are unwelcomed and should not even go? That you will be a prebranded heterochtone in an allochthonous jurisdiction? That I would be the drop of H2O in their moonshine? Help me, chimerical readers; all of you are this askhole's only hope.
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