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Convalescing from a dispiriting Saturday -- which left me with an emotional pneumonia from being in the Arctic cold my afore-spurned friends blasted at me -- I went to the local, desolate mall in which a Bath & Body Works somehow still stands. A free candle that smells like Winter certainly helps -- especially since (a) Winter is at least nearer than it is to Winterfell, and (b) I have been daydreaming about owning and burning down dozens of candles during the upcoming Daylight Recession phase. I also helped a less-than-grateful woman save at most $13 with a coupon that I decided I was not to use -- which was only repaid with a bombardment of coupons to use during the upcoming holiday season. How rude to flagitate me to squander myself into penury and my wallet into a thinspirational figure, especially as I'm still cauterizing the the cold burn marks from a holiday backfire that happened just yesterday. I will certainly be rising up in a dissipative protest... Michael, where I also went to use my 40% off a single item receiptpon (coupon on a receipt #ecofriendship). Having swiped my LifeAMEX for a two-ish-hour charge, I contracted the Midwestern simplex virus and, following a cerebripetal deluge, seemed to go to infinity and beyond in the ideational department. Circular needles, calligraphy brushes, tutus, tulle, tulle, candles, candle (which I actually bought). Now I've been re-lured with a receiptpon for 50% off a single item. Be it astrally written that my wallet is to become a model of thinspiration? EVEN MODELS HAVE SOME WEIGHT; WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TRY TO TURN MY WALLET INTO JACK SKELLINGTON, STORES?? Well since it's Halloween that would justify consuming all the way down to zero this week. Halloween for my wallet!

Also, I ought to share these, since I'm quite ready for this to come along, even with the upset of yesterday:

I tried to take a picture of the moon behind the clouds, but I apparently failed at doing so. It was in the car but I stopped driving:

Also, for Almost-Everyday's Internet Appreciation Day, there are three screenshots of internet glory/inglory, the immediate picture being one of the best election-related responses I remember seeing thus far (far-reaching generalizations aside):


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