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I may have wasted an hour when I lapsed into unconsciousness, but I did eventually end up ambling out to the other Target that is about equidistant from my domicile. I was set to have my costume ready for the holidays, and apparently one of my Facebook adds from a couple of yesteryears ago also willed it that he will also have his costume by the end of the day today. Had I friends in this geolocation (he is, by the way, in my geolocation), then I would have successfully used my gift from Burger King that was sent to entice me to their franchise/drive-thru window. There was a huge productiveness/success gap in our common goal, though: he procured a costume; I did not. (Thanks for not carrying two-piece suits, Target.)

Frustrations aside, this afternoon was a very pleasant one and has me in a bit of an emotional morass. I do love Fall and the rugged drop in temperatures that is packaged with it, but I also took a liking earlier today to this conflictive equation of leaves on ground + circa-80 degrees . I had a Kelly Clarkson concert yesterday, and the venue was my iPod. It felt great to have Since You Been Gone induce a resynthesis my more youthful, immediate post-undergrad months -- and Sober remind me of Smallville (actually this one didn't happen, but it did remind me of Grey's Anatomy). After that concert, there was a concert of replaying Christina Aguilera's climactic E at the end of Candyman about 15 or 2938 times. Then came the last 45 seconds of Dreamgirls on cyclic mode about 278 times, all the while pretending that my synthetic gays and I were the voices behind it at some karaoke venue.

Then there was Target itself, in which I of course had the natural, unvarying reaction of wanting to acquire everything in the store. Goal: costume materials and accessories; pumpkin. Achievement: can of pork 'n beans to have for dinner tonight (only half of which I had). The pumpkin was too heavy for one already overexerted by the decade's worth of exercise I had already done, and tempter discounted athletic shorts almost caused a dangerous rate of wallet-slimming even though I would have had more underwear~!

Of course my setbacks weren't enough. On my way to Target I was affrighted by this snake, and I saw either the same or a longer snake (it certainly seemed to be more sinuous than the snake I had seen earlier). It was thankfully in the street/a safe distance from me, and it even seemed as if the car that was passing me would run over it. It would be just my misfortunate being -- or maybe enchantment, like Don Quixote said -- that happens to bring about a clear pass over that serpentine threat to my parasympathetic system's security...leaving this very direct threat unscathed. Thanks be to God, however, that there were no opossums, skunks, or other wild fauna, whose potential attacks I tried to hedge as much as possible by walking in the street itself. (Cars are great deterrents most of the time, right?)

I also thought that I'd include this picture, whose out-of-focus aspect (thanks to relatively low light source and an auto-adjusted higher ISO) actually did the picture justice:

For Internet Appreciation corner, I have this to add from one of the Facebook communities of which I am at least a part-time fan:


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