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I was unsure whether today would be a(nother) day of lackadaisy, or whether I would be invigorated by the fact that it's a fall Saturday and go out and accomplish anything. Without any need for spoilers, the former actually ended up happening. I figured that, since the next three or four days are to be met with warm, cloudy weather, I can put off such activities as costume-shopping, pumpkin shopping, and pumpkin chocolate-chip brownie baking until the last days of October are not so distant -- a rationale which of course has contradicted my desires to go relatively ostentatious during this Halloween season. Yes, ostentatious.

What did I do in lieu of achieving the object of a displaced impetus? I sat here and wasted my senescence on watching Doctor Who to the end of Season Five and rather unexpectedly having what Temperance Brennan calls "bodily responses" toward him whose name I shan't disclose due to feared distaste-shaming. Having earned my Medal of Multitasking Honor long ago, I also accomplished alternate rows of knit stitches and purl stitches (in which I leveled up earlier), which has since been undone and restarted. For example, the below-pictured is what was undone:

I also managed to reunite with this game of olde, which I still love to this day. I was ♫ reuniiiited and it feeelt so gooooood♫ after having restarted mid-game from having made the most feckless mistakes from having been too presumptive of familiarity with the map and the precision required for the game (e.g. clicking on Ireland instead of Iceland). I still happened to maintain my 129 Traveler IQ , which was as high as 142 on Orkut back in the day. Here's the game to play from the comforts of my journal:

The Traveler IQ challenge ranks geographic knowledge of cities such as: Ottawa, Bakersfield or Bangkok by comparing results against 9,075,862 other travelers. Brought to you by TravelPod, a member of the TripAdvisor Media Network

Also, for the 94 imaginary readers reading this post, who may be wondering what that chic-looking contraption is to the left in my picture, that is a sample-sized perfume that was sent to me from Guerlain. It's definitely more of a classic type of perfume; it's definitely something that a cougar such as I could sport without depriving too many the wrong eyebrows of their natural gravitational pull. I simply adore just the packaging/boxing alone (it even includes Arabic!):

I'm actually glad that they had run out of the gratuitous mascara samples, for I don't need -- and therefore don't ever use -- mascara.

P.S. Another added perk of offputting any impeti is espying such internet jewels as the following, found and captured by a student at my alma mater:


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