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January 16th in the 1980s must surely have been a propitious day on which to conceive a child, as I had an astounding total of six friends who had birthdays today -- including two people who contribute to the momentum behind the continual rotation of my world, despite the lack of a life that lies within. The date, however, does comply with the seasonal requirements and thermal incentives for Wintimacy.

Most of the day was rather atrophic, but it was still a beautiful, rainy Fall day. Of course this allowed me to procrastinate for another day in my leaf-picking endeavors, so thank you for the boost in indolence. I at least exercised today by knitting another row of stitches, a glimmer of positivity suppressed into a sterile darkness by the likes of occurrences such as seeing a Halloween list without candy corn on it (I nearly x-ed out of the "new and improved" TL;DR or TL;DA [didn't answer*] war-à-la-survey declared by Influenster on its users, in my path of uncontrollable tab collapse):

...or finding yourself lowly enough to give the gaunt-bottomed boys who're making the rocking world go 'round -- a.k.a. One Direction -- even a modicum of consideration in just the fantastical compartment of one's constitution. Worst yet, perhaps, is the asymptotic pattern in morale in the defending my frontiers from the likes of this election. I have even taken a test on ISideWith, but I only screenshot the results; I won't even post them here, to be honest. The overlaps and margins of error were too widespread for me to have included, because it would have distorted me worse than Picasso or Dali would have done...and I would not even have been cutely distorted.

Then, as you're crashing and burning, America comes through in those once a Plutonian revolution occasions and saves the day night for a few minutes. Behold a moment that will go down in American history -- an occurrence that the American people will immemorialize while marginalizing the Civil War, Apple, World War II, and the first black president: The Amazon Binder Market Flux. What a piece of American history, and I would have been proud to be 100% 'murrican if I weren't Arctic-American.

Also part of today was the following:

(both from Catch-22, a book I'm rather enjoying for the most part)

Since I have noticed this since before Summer -- and it has been annoying me how I haven't shared my astute, obviously MENSA-worthy observation anywhere else, I'm just going to point it out here for my -23 readers to view/congratulate me on my Nobel-worthy discovery/aspire to become me one day:

It spells "meow"; "meow" it spells. :3


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