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Today ended up being a day for an impromptu photo shoot -- booked with Canon EOS 1000D. My Going the Distance parade was quite literally made to rain on by intervention: it had been foreseen that going the distance to the library would have required physical exertion (to use circumlocution to avoid that other 'ex-' word whose utterance would trigger an anaphylactic shock/bodily infarction). I'm not downtrodden from this intervention, for I rather enjoyed the photo shoot in lieu of all that other physical exertion to which I would have subjected myself. (It even resulted in what shall be a new profile picture over which all in between the front and back covers of my Face book can genuflect/weep/genuflect and weep/regurgitate a couple or 237 calories and/or which they can like/block and report/"invest" $7 in me to promote -- I have to figure out which I'll use first.)

I also finished Season Four of Doctor Who today, and the season finale was actually rather sad. My hypothetical lachrymal system may or may not have labored a little more than usual, especially since Donna, the one with whom I was most able to relate (I mean, I also would have been quite serious about Captain Fuck(yesplease) Jack Harkness hugging me/taking my pre-made ready body/enslaving me with his pansexuality/wait what?) underwent one of the saddest experiences ever. That Dalek with the legerdebouche did call it when it told the Doctor of one of his children dying. I totally foresaw it being she who had to "die", because a perpetual motif of my life is "This is why we can't have nice things"-ism...or my name is not Leucine666. The finale was great nonetheless, though I wish that there had been another golden showdown between the Daleks and the cybermen...since we did have to endure the race of extraterrestrial semi-beings for yet a 2938473298th time.

Whilst I'm still here, I'm going to archive my progress in my crocheting a...whatever shall be the output of a few dozen rows of practicing the basics of the fine art of crochet:


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