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The Christmas season has arrived two months ahead of time this year. 'Twas 81 nights before Christmas when all through my Facebook, two creatures were stirring and it has come to my attention that I have friends who give a shit! All the comments were hung by the status update with care, in the hopes that Unsaintly I would be there to reply. It doesn't matter whether they all live out of state or not, but I now know that if I were to be taken from this Earth before I ever would have thought I would (God forbid), there would be some out there who would commemorate me, the concupiscent one who was left leprous from all the havenotgirlproblems flares gone past. So Merry Christmas to me!

In return, I used an offer from this one site in its nascent stage in the cybersphere to send a gratuitous Starbucks to one of my friends from college. Since there was no return, it means that I was totally a Santa Claus, so ho-ho-ho. It worked out, since I'm nothing if not rotund; I just had to feign a beard and the whole being the opposite sex bit. (When you're of my proportions/disproportions, though, the latter detail seems not to matter as much.*)

*I wish that I had remembered that when I was at the hospital earlier...when I was fat-flagellating myself for last night's abashedly unabashed ingestion of half the world. If I had remembered, then I would have accrued two scrumptious-looking red velvet cupcakes to my adipose-savings account.


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